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NEW RELEASE !!   Inner Wave Sampler     Music By George DeJong
This 14 song collection is a sample of the best of George DeJong from his Inner Wave recordings.
It's a great introduction to his unique musical stylings and a wonderful listening experience.

Track Listing  1. Poet's Grove  2.  St. John  3. Calypso {Remix} 
4. Funky New Experience 5. New York Sunset  6. Don't Be Afraid 
7. Islands  8. Jade
 9. Ecstacy  10. Dreams, So Long Ago
11.  Ice Nine  12.  Dream World  13.  Lifetime  14.  Coast To Coast

 Euphoria  - New Age meets Jazz on George DeJong's 1st solo CD with eleven original songs. Euphoria is a relaxing recording that enhances the listeners environment.

Track Listing  1. Elizabeth  2. The Future  3. Dream World  4. Flute Theater 
5. St. John  6. Poet's Grove  7. Lifetime  8. Redemption  9. Euphoria  10. Utopia  11. Beyond

George DeJong - Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Electric & Acoustic Bass, Drums & Percussion
Special Guest Musicians 
Mike Haasch - Bass Guitar on Poet's Grove  &  Drums on Poet's Grove & Flute Theater
 Scott Finch - Guitar Solos on Poet's Grove & St. John

 SUDS   Time Traveller  - Vintage Live recordings documenting original songs & cover tunes from a great midwest band. Recorded LIVE in Wisconsin in 1978 at Rev's Flying Circus & Fantasy's. SUDS proved to be a dynamic concert band with ambitious original songs & songs by Genesis & King Crimson. All orders of SUDS CD come with FREE BONUS  SUDS newspaper articles & SUDS Date Calendar!

Track Listing  1. General Direction Part 1 & 2 (SUDS)   2.  Buy Your Fame (SUDS)  3. Fool's Overture (Supertramp)  4. Watcher of the Skies (Genesis)  5. King Crimson - Cirkus, Peacock's Tale, In The Court of the Crimson King (Arranged by SUDS)   6.  Freeway Jam / Led Boots (Jeff Beck)  7. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) 
8. Goin Down (Jeff Beck)  9. Dreams, So Long Ago (SUDS)  10. Street Change (SUDS)  11. Ice Nine (SUDS)

SUDS - David Zylka - Vocals, Guitar, Horns, Flute   Pat Reed - Vocals, Bass   Greg Mueller - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards  Tom Haines - Vocals, Drums, Percussion  George DeJong - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar

Love Tides - Instrumental Romantic songs with a Latin flair, performed by George DeJong on Keyboard & Guitar
Nice & Mellow! It makes for excellent dinner music....

Track Listing  1. Bahama Samba  2. Meditation  3. The Look of Love 
4. We're In This Love Together  
5. Spanish Eyes / La Paloma  6. Something Stupid 
7. And I Love Her  8. Calypso  9. Fragile  
10. Rise  11. Maleguena & Late In The Evening

 A Royale Christmas With George - Holiday favorites performed on the Royale Festival Organ 
Track listing 1. Santa Claus is Coming To Town  2. Sleigh Ride  3. Let It Snow!  4. Greensleeves  5. Christmas Waltz  6. Jingle Bell Rock  7. Winter Wonderland  8. Carol of the Bells  9. O Holy Night  10. Feliz Navidad

  Clone Factory 
Electronica and futuristic music by George DeJong
Track Listing - 1. Clone factory  2. Dark Path  3. Bridge of Light  4. XTC  5. Don't Be Afraid (Of The Dark)
6. Machine  7. Auto Pilot  8. Funky New Experience  9. Dry Ice  10. Into The Mist  11. Dream Dance  12. Heaven

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Euphoria Review by John Noyd

Balancing on the fine line between new age and easy listening, George DeJong's Euphoria brings the listener into a warm and breezy harbor of sun-kissed beaches and dark forest glens. Mystery and solemn moments break with surf pounding rhythms, splashing among earnest piano figures and synthesized strings. Natural themes dominate and DeJong goes from tempest to tranquillity, dripping metronomes and clinking keyboards conjuring a rainy afternoon, strong piano and acoustic guitars painting rippling tides and peaceful beaches. Beyond two or three of the eleven cuts, DeJong records all the parts himself, weaving a thick buoyant tapestry whose changes work from a sparking tropical "St. John" to the get down jazz piano work out in "Poet's Grove." Carrying a rich vitality throughout his work, Euphoria soothes as it delights.